Mauritius Attractions

July 1, 2008 — 0



Mauritius Attractions

July 1, 2008 — 0

Mauritius is a perfect honeymoon spot. The place competes with nearby Maldives and Seychelles in terms of similar offerings. What you expect from Mauritius would be long white sand beaches, awesome water sports, very warm and English/French speaking people and some history. Trivia – what you won’t find is snakes – the island is made from volcanic ash and we are told due to this, snakes cannot survive in the island. The beautiful island is ideal for honey-mooners, romantic holidays or just plain relaxing get-aways with 5-8 days being sufficient to see the place and relax.

Getting there…

We went there via India (Delhi – Mumbai – Mauritius) by Air Mauritius. The flight was ok. Immigration was smooth and fast and with help from the airport officials, you know the welcome of warm people has started.

Scenic view of a neighboring island en-route Mauritius

Sightseeing – Recommend taking tour package

While there are public buses and taxis available, we recommend taking a tour package to see three main tours there – North Island, South Island tour and Ile Aux Cerf tour.While you can get destination specific taxis, we think they work out much more expensive unless you’re ready to adventure with public buses.

Top recommended destinations

Port Louis – city

The capital city of Port Louis may not be the base camp location for Mauritius trip but it certainly is a destination to be seen. Rich with French architecture, it has some amazing buildings with a mix of historical designs and new complexes. We even managed to find lot of Indian food stalls around serving Indian street food. Basically, we enjoyed the bit of Mauritius city life we wanted to experience, took some pics, saw the tourist locations such as churches, memorial museums and statues on roads overseeing Mauritian Navy ships. Photo (L-R): City of Port Louis; view of a warship next to City Centre

Trou Aux Biches

Trou Aux Biches is at the north west tip of the island. They are set of beautiful and serene beaches and near many good resorts. We recommend fellow travelers to stay this place if you are looking to stay at a serene, cosy place, ideal for honeymoon couples. Connectivity by all tour operators, public buses and taxis is easy though there is travel involved – a trade off between quite places and distance. With its white sand beaches overseeing the sunset each day, we were delighted to be staying in that area.

Above are the views of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. While it is a small city from global perspective, infra is quite nice there. We took public transport (bus) to get there from our hotel and it was indeed quite comfortable.



Ile Aux Cerf tour

Have no doubts – for those who love water sports activities and some fun – this is a MUST tour for them. From our hotel, we took the tour bus (about 1hour) to East coast of Mauritius island where we took breakfast at a French restaurant there (was bit pricey though, by Mauritian standards). We changed there and then went to the beach for the fun to start. We did – parasailing (can choose single or as couple), banana boat (make you fall into sea), fly fish ((for the more brave-heart people), speed scooter, spend time on the beach etc. Overall the time they give for all the activities is 3-4 hours. Then you get time for lunch and be free by 4pm. Tired but very happy! Note – Bring your own waterproof camera. It can be bought cheap from supermarkets near hotels. The pics are expensive if you buy from the activities’ operators. We paid almost US$50 for 5 pics. Also, if you are not going via tour package, you have options to buy activities etc or a combo of multiple activities which turns out cheaper and we did see lot of bargaining happening there also. Again, expect to bargain by 25-30% of the initial quoted amount.


The lovely waters of Ile Aux Cerf beach.


Also, seeing the blue waters while going to our diving site!

Undersea diving – took us to 5m depth

Undersea view of corals, feeding fishes with help of professional diver, clicking pics. Note – these pics were taken by the activity professionals but they do help click if you carry your own camera



The video for our parasailing experience. 

Fly fish


With this, the soooooper fun day at Ile Cerf came to an end and after finishing a quick lunch, we went for some more photo session while others were finishing theirs…

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