Bangkok – shopping trip

September 1, 2009 — 1



Bangkok – shopping trip

September 1, 2009 — 1

Thailand is a great place for anyone looking for top notch service, great hospitality, warm and friendly people, beautiful beaches and arguably, some value shopping. We went to Bangkok after Singapore as we got the feedback that it is quite a place for shopping and deals. Well, yes and no. Or maybe we didn’t go to the right places, who knows! But we still did enjoy visiting the many malls around the place.



  • Day 1: Reach Bangkok through Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Take the cab to the Pattaya bus interchange terminus. Take the bus to Pattaya (2 hours)
  • Day 2: Chill out at the beaches. Have their famous Thai body massage and lovely food at the beaches itself
  • Day 3: Well, much of the same in till early evening. Take their tuk-tuk to Pattaya city centre (Na Kluea) to watch the famous Alcazar show (adults only, though nothing like that in the show)…

Well, this post is more about the shopping places in Thailand that we went to. Our first visit was only for 2 days and we didn’t want to see temples or tiger park (having gone to Mauritius’ Casala nature park before).

But finally in 2014, I got the chance to be there for a day after work and saw all the beautiful temples in the Wat Arun area. Click on for the experience!

Getting there…

From Singapore to Thailand…

We took Tiger Airways from Singapore’s Changi airport to Suvarnabhumi Int’l Airport, Bangkok. It was not a great flight we should add, but yeah, it was the cheapest. After so many LCCs now operating, we think Air Asia and Jetstar are much better.

Anyways, so we landed on time in Thailand, the view from the top while entering Bangkok airspace was quite nice (when is it not!!!). Our first impression in Thailand was not exactly what it is now –  wont say the airport visa process and getting through immigration was a breeze. Long queues despite half the counters empty, wish there was more staff, but this is the story in most airports. And moreover, who cares… its holiday man! We got over the airport procedure in little over 1.5hours including baggage, and took the cab to our hotel.


Sightseeing around Bangkok

We went to Bangkok after Singapore as we got the feedback that it is quite a place for shopping and deals. Well, yes and no. Or maybe we didn’t go to the right places, who knows! But we still did enjoy visiting the many malls around the place… And yes, there are many people who love the shopping experience there for the value they get. So go ahead and explore!


Siam Paragon shopping center

Siam paragon mall

This one is one of the best shopping centers there in terms of look and feel of the place. The place was full of life, and top brands as well. Spent half day here, the mall is big enough to spend that much time. Had a good lunch there, before having a pics session outside the mall and off we went to the next one!

The place has some nice restaurants as well, and we had food in one Italian joint there, as while passing though it, the melting cheese aroma simply attracted us to the place. Too bad, forgetting it name now!

Other malls we went to were ok. They all actually looked quite the same from inside, but we went through each for a quick glance on what each one had. MBK and Central Plaza got mix reviews from us, there were some nice things there though can’t say they were a steal.

Platinum Fashion plaza was more of a flea market. Really crowded and some quick sale clothes on offer. We hardly spent time in that though… too little crowded for us.

We were there for just two days and we spent the one day there roaming around the malls. The next half day was spent chilling out at the hotel and went to see the Chatuchak market, which was right next to the hotel.

Chatuchak market – This place is like the city centre with a lot of shopping places and malls. A quick BTS or taxi ride away (10-15min without much traffic) and we were in the market. The night market and weekend market there is quite happening, we hear.

Back to the airport: Booked an early morning 4am cab from the hotel. We asked the hotel reception to help us arrange the booking and they obliged. I think they also made sure through a follow up call with the cab agency to ensure the cab is on time (kudos!).

The drive to the airport was a breeze, little traffic and quick ride. FYI – we paid for the toll charges on the way. There is a route without the toll plaza we now know. Take that, if time is not a constraint.


Places we didn’t visit yet

Yes yes, I know the temples of Bangkok and superb but the truth is we HAVN’T been there. Sounds weird but we wanted to be in the city as much as possible and then chill out in Pattaya but didn’t want to see the temples this time around.

Plus being in HK, Bangkok is always accessible, so why the hurry. Though, what’s near, is sometimes the farthest! Well, its been three more years and 2-3 more trips to Bangkok and we are yet to see them 🙂

Update: So in 2014, I did have a chance to go to Bangkok to see the temples, finally! And all in a day! Click here for the experience.

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