Thai Food in Phuket

June 27, 2015 — 1



Thai Food in Phuket

June 27, 2015 — 1

Phuket, as is all of Thailand that we have been to, has some of the excellent Thai food. I will really not get into the intricacies of Thai food, how it is made, what flavours were most prominent, which ones had a tinge of this and that, coz to be honest, I would never know about it and frankly, I don’t care much about it as well. All this is reserved for Heena and I will be happy to update this page if and when she gives her inputs for the food mentioned below.

We absolutely love Thai food, which includes the green curry, coconut milk curries with lemongrass essence which goes oh-so-well with steamed rice. Pad Thai is another one of our favorite. I have to say that if pressed to choose, I still prefer the curries with steamed rice relative to the Pad-Thai noodles. But as such, we would rather order and share both the curry and Pad Thai noodles rather than just one of them.




Pad Thai Noodles



Chilly Crab Dish


And of course the satay! While I have always regarded satays as Malaysian food, seeing that it is quitely easily available all the way from Vietnam up front to the wonderful city of Bali in Indonesia, it really seems like more like a pan-SE Asian delight.



Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce


Dessert – how can we miss the Mango with Sticky Rice

The Thai-style Tako has been our favorite Thai dessert for a long time and we have almost always ordered that. Sticky rice, once we had, but never excited us much and we didn’t ever order it again. Till this time. It changed everything. And I think permanently. We tried the Mango with Sticky Rice dessert once again after a hiatus of 2-3 years and boy it was nice! It was just amazing!


Mango with Thai sticky rice


I am actually still quite amazed how they could make this simple dish so badly, when we first had it, in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, glad we tried it again in Phuket and it was just amazing. So much so that we had it I think, three times, during our trip of four days. And rest is history.

Done with this blog. Where’s my sticky rice??? !!!




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