Travelling with a 6 month…

October 30, 2015 — 0



Travelling with a 6 month…

October 30, 2015 — 0

The trip to Siem Reap was our second trip with our lil’ Isha. It is a well known fact that summers especially after March are quite severe in Cambodia and hence travelling around with a lil one could be quite a challenge given the heat.

Oh but it’s hot in Cambodia… don’t go with your baby there…  !!!

We cannot disagree that tropical weather of Cambodia can be really hot March-October (we went in April) but then have heat, so will stay at home is also not what we are here for.

Rather, it is about “Be whatever, will travel !!!” And so we looked for work-arounds to make the most of our time in Siem Reap, cover all the places we were there for and yet make sure our lovely little feels fine, comfortable, bit hot (and that is ok) and be with us for most of the time.

So what are the tips with an infant in Cambodia?


First and foremost, be open to early mornings. Since we were there for 4-5 days, we decided that the second day ( first day was half day we had which we spent more lazily) could be spent with the daughter – mother duo staying back and relaxing at the hotel while the rest of us can go and explore the place and finalize which ones would be most worth it to visit for them. Of course, it helps that as a caring hubby that I am (wink wink!), I know my wife’s preferences and what she would think is best use of her time during the trip.

Jokes apart, a mother (and to a lesser extent at least in my case, the father) of a lil’ one have only that much time that they can spend being out so there is all the more reasons to spend them wisely and efficiently.

So, that brings me to the second tip – Prepare and do some homework, at least to what all places you shall be going or wanting to go. Agreeably, no amount of homework will give you the most perfect vacation especially if you leave it open ended (book only flights and hotels) and not go with a tour agent who will obvious structure your itinerary and “make” you follow it. But having a rough structure and some homework of which places could fall in “truly worth it!!!” category and which are so-so/unsure category… that’s a good enough homework.

For us, we prefer open ended vacations especially after our LO was with us. (FYI, LO = loved one).

OK, so the next one… A hat, water bottle, some food-on-the-go (like puree) are a must/very handy. The weather is obviously hot for most times of the year so these shall go a long way if you want to be out for at least 3-4hours in Siem Reap.

Safety – we found it very safe in Siem Reap. We stayed at Lotus Blanc, which is a very decent hotel just 15min from the Angkor Wat. The city is really small and not very spread out so whichever hotel you choose, the chances are you would not be more than 20-30min far from Angkor or the city centre. We are 15min to city centre as well so in that sense, the hotel is in perfect location. Away from the busy city centre (some like that though) and hence serene but close enough from all locations including the airport which is ~30min away max.

To sum up, Siem Reap / Cambodia is totally doable with even an infant and it is one place that should not be passed just because you are worried you cannot do it with a kid. That said, basic precautions of travelling to an EM country must always be taken but that is about it.

Stay safe, travel lots!!!

By the way, all the highlights that Siem Reap has to offer at on this page. Hop on if you wish.

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