About Us

December 29, 2011

About Us

About us and this website:

We are just about any other white collar job couple who love traveling a lot. Currently living in Hong Kong, which is a great place to be!

Blessed with two wonderful little-travelsters, they are turning out to be excellent travel partner in our pursuit for travel-appiness!

PURPOSE of this website is primarily to log our travel experiences as we explore the world in our limited time in this world (well, just like everyone). We would also love to share our travel experiences for those similar kinda people who also take the usual 1-2 weekers off from the office and want to make get ideas for their journey. T

Usual websites like TripAdvisor can form part of our research but most of it actually comes from random searches, looking for the best itineraries from various ideas available online and formulating / customizing all the info to finalize what’s best for us. We are sure the same is true for most of you.

We think sharing our travel experiences helps simulate how and what you can expect and probably help in your step 2 of making a travel plan – shortlist places.

But for that, you and we need to like similar kinda vacations, so following is what our vacations are all about. If they are for you as well, this might be helpful… might!

About our vacations

  • Locations: Mostly themed around nature, adventures (which can be at the more exotic places too) but at the same time, romantic as well! We think we are not history kinda travelers – unless it comes in combo with the rest!!! Blah!
  • Duration: More based around taking one-weekers off from the office and then try to make the max of the 6-8 days we get. Some can be two weeks, but in general, they are far and few.
  • Attention to detail is OK in office, not in vacation: By saying max, no, we don’t overkill ourselves and try to see every inch of the place we are at, we give off days to ourselves where we can just chill at the hotel/resort and probably see nearby markets etc.

We always attempt to make best itineraries for ourselves when we travel and keeping the above themes in mind. A model itinerary, we think goes a long way to help others who are planning theirs! Obviously type of places is a personal preference but there is always a starting point.

So, what you and we can do…

  • Would look forward to you to provide quick comments about your travel experience at the location, something you experienced different than ours, or what you liked or disliked.
  • We would love to hear from fellow travel lovers and share experiences…

If you would like to share travel ideas, ask questions or wanna be travel buddies for any of the next destination(s), feel free to message on our facebook page.

Disclaimer: All content in this website is written by me and solely from my experience and research. The images that you see on the website are either taken by me or taken from free sources. If anyone feels there is content that is someone’s exclusive work, please let me know (mail or comment) and I will promptly take action to remove the content.

This website is not intended for commercial use but more as an extension of my hobby and to share and exchange ideas. That said, if there is anyone willing to buy any of the images that are taken by me and not sourced from anywhere, please let me know and I will see how I can help.