Sanya, China

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Sanya is a place of relaxing luxury resorts. That was exactly the plan for this trip and exactly the location we were looking for. The island is a beautiful getaway about one hour from Hong Kong and decent connectivity. The place is well developed, neat and infrastructure matches a good developed city. [pullquote style=”pullquote” ]Sanya is all about resorts, hence as good as they are[/pullquote] That said, there is little much that needs to be cared and known about Sanya as a city. Yes, there are markets to see, local food to try and so on and on, but that can be done in a better, more indeginious way in many other cities of China. Like we said above, there is little more about the city to look forward to, other than the many resorts lined along the coast of the island. In essence, a visit to Sanya is as good as the resort you stay in. Period.


Enroute to Shangri-La

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Shangri-La has always had a unique position in a lot of history loving people’s minds. The city has long been considered a dreamer’s paradise that was built by God himself and so on… A lot of us have heard stories about this “mysterious town” that exists “somewhere”. But, before we get into the details of this town, there is a lot to talk about the journey from Lijiang to Shangri-La itself.

Please click here for experiences of Shangri-La itself, while click here for Lijiang experience. And this for Kunming/Dali.



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dLijiang has a rich history and the town still speaks every bit it, given the preserved look and feel of the town, partly thanks to the “UNESCO heritage site” status granted back in 1998. The town was an important waypoint during the old “tea horse” route from China to Persia and boasts of some of the world’s most scenic locales around itself.


The journey from Dali to Lijiang is actually breathtaking (though would add here that not as good as one to ).



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The city of Shangri-La is officially called Deqen, meaning “A place of blessings”. The city is a small but very beautiful place in the lap of lush green mountains and lined with sparkling streams. The town has a very warm feeling to it and the people (mostly Tibetan origin) were very warm as well. They are Buddhist by religion and they really believe in all the good things that the religion preaches. Our guide was a Tibetan Buddhist as well, and he taught us many good things what the religion stands for. We loved the conversations thoroughly.

Do see the post about the journey from Lijiang to Shangri-La. It is simply breathtaking and one that should tried not to be missed especially if coming with an extra day of travel.


Kunming and Dali

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Kunming can be called the modern gateway to Yunnan. The city which is also the capital of the province (state) of the country is one of the more industrialized cities in the east. The city has the fast pace and mayhem of any modern city though probably the look and feel of the city is not as perfect as Beijing and Shanghai, arguably enough. Nevertheless, the infrastructure in the city is as good as an advanced emerging country, for want of a better term.

Dali is a much lesser commercialised city and is quite picturesque. This is also reflected in the transition as you start approaching Dali. One other highlight – the people of Dali. As is typical of most people who are not yet “scandalised” by the commercialism of big cities, they are fun loving, simple, friendly people who are quite welcoming to tourists.

Read on for more fun!


Yunnan, China

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Yunnan is a place for natural beauty lovers. The place has an abundance of rivers, forests and hills, mountains, great dams, reservoirs, lakes and other water bodies. The place is full of rich culture with a perfect blend of Chinese Buddhism as well as Tibetan Buddhism. The government has done well to make the place a comfortable and tourist-friendly one and the infrastructure in the place is quite impressive, especially given that we are not talking about the more industrialized East.

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