South Korea

Jeju Island

Jeju Island was formed from volcano and is a beautiful island for honey-mooners, romantic holidays or just plain relaxing get-aways with 2-3 days being sufficient to see the place and relax a bit. We did a lot of sight seeing here and loved every bit of this place. Highlight of our trip and we recommend going here if you come to Korea.

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Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a city that can be treated as perfect reflection of a new age Asia – one that has rich cultural history to highlight its glorious past and a world-class technology all around the city that reflects how it has transformed itself to a leading Asian country.

The palaces showcased the history well, though would add that the aplomb display of wealth in Indian or Persian palaces is not what you’d feel through the Korean palaces. But the majesticity does not shy away, for sure.

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