Canon 5D Mark III

March 15, 2015 — 0


As wrote in the last post on Canon 550D, I moved to Canon 5D3 in the winters of 2012. I was almost two years into being an enthusiastic photographer and was getting all the more excited for being a serious one, albeit still at the hobbyist level. There was also a serious consideration whether to move to Nikon system or stay with Canon and I spent many days visiting the showrooms of Canon and Nikon (and Sony) to try out their latest cameras and figure out which one I was most comfortable with.

Over the course of that two months of research and indecision, I realised what I was always being told – there is nothing like the best camera, there is nothing like the best lens or technology. The camera from one of these top companies is only as good as any of them and there is really no point in trying to get the “best of the best”. Also, thanks to dpreview forum and and guys for responding to my queries and I figured out that I will stay with the camera system I am comfortable with – hence Canon, and hence taking the top of the range (and newly launched) Canon 5D Mark III from them.

The technical specs mentioned below, as you can see, were quite impressive for the time:


Canon 550D + 18-200mm

March 14, 2015 — 1


My parents tell me that camera always fascinated me since I knew how to use one and I have faint memories of my childhood days in Singapore when I used to be fascinated with weekend outings since that is also the time when cameras would come out. The 90s were the days of film cameras and not the “happy go clicky” days of today 😉

Our honeymoon pics in Mauritius were through the borrowed camera from bhai, Sony DSC-H series and I must say it was a very nice camera with its 15x zoom.  Click here for to see the pics.

Soon after marriage, we realised that we both were really into travelling and it was the one thing that we were always in a lookout for. Moving to Hong Kong in 2010, we realised that the world is opening up for us and it was time we start pursuing our passion to the fullest. And to capture those memories, we decided to invest in our first “proper” camera – Canon 550D. I did some research at the time between the various alternatives and settled for Canon – though I have to say over time I realize the gear is just not as important as the photography skills.

And I am not a pro anyways, so my review is not technical, but what my experience of using it for two years has been.