Sanya, China

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Sanya is a place of relaxing luxury resorts. That was exactly the plan for this trip and exactly the location we were looking for. The island is a beautiful getaway about one hour from Hong Kong and decent connectivity. The place is well developed, neat and infrastructure matches a good developed city. [pullquote style=”pullquote” ]Sanya is all about resorts, hence as good as they are[/pullquote] That said, there is little much that needs to be cared and known about Sanya as a city. Yes, there are markets to see, local food to try and so on and on, but that can be done in a better, more indeginious way in many other cities of China. Like we said above, there is little more about the city to look forward to, other than the many resorts lined along the coast of the island. In essence, a visit to Sanya is as good as the resort you stay in. Period.



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We consider Mauritius as one of the best honeymoon spots with its clean and pristine beaches and very warm people. For the fun loving couples, it also has some great water activities, serene environment to enjoy the cosy moments and great food to enhance the experience.

We think you’d either love the place, or love it more!

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Main island, Port Louis (capital) – We visited the main island only and stayed at Port Louis, which is at north tip of Mauritius island. The main island has most of the activities and fun. You can take cruises to few neighboring islands but when we looked at details, we didn’t find much to add to.


Mauritius Attractions

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Mauritius is a perfect honeymoon spot. The place competes with nearby Maldives and Seychelles in terms of similar offerings. What you expect from Mauritius would be long white sand beaches, awesome water sports, very warm and English/French speaking people and some history. Trivia – what you won’t find is snakes – the island is made from volcanic ash and we are told due to this, snakes cannot survive in the island. The beautiful island is ideal for honey-mooners, romantic holidays or just plain relaxing get-aways with 5-8 days being sufficient to see the place and relax.

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